Bubbles the Boy Dog – Dog Days of Summer 2009 Revisited

Bubbles the Boy Dog - The Dog Days of Summer 2009

Spending a little quality time with Bubbles the boy dog. He’s still afraid of the hardwood floors.

DAY 2:

Aaaaand Bubbles is on a hunger strike. Day 2. Anyone know a dog who refuses a Milkbone to opt for starvation? I can introduce you.

DAY 3:

Bubbles the boy dog pretending to ignore me at the far end of the lawn.

Day3: Bubbles the boy dog refuses to get out of the master bed. When asked if he would like a bonbon he wagged his tail for the first time all week. Get this dog a reality t.v. show and a blog.

Diva Dog Bubbles won't come in the house so we took a walk to the beach to see about those meteors. It was awesome! Bubbles still won't come inside, but it was a good night for star gazing!

DAY 4:

Day 4: Bubbles the boy dog finally eats! But then throws it up in the backyard as an act of rebellion. I know this because he looked back to make sure I was watching. Interesting choice of protest tactics Bubbles.

DAY 5:

Day 5 with Bubbles the boy dog: If you can't be 'em, join 'em. Hanging out in the back yard, getting some sun, making sun tea and chatting with Ellie. Amused by watching Bubbles try to hide his excitement. That darn tail Bubbles, it's a dead give away every time.



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