Other Puppy (and one kitty) Favorites from Dogsitting Gigs Past


The difference between Bubbles the boy dog and Elsa the awesome dog is sort of like the difference between rollerblading to get somewhere and traveling on Air Force One.

Blue Steel.

Awwwww happy Schmelsa!


Macy or Dorthy from "Golden Girls."

Macy and I share the same shoe size.

Lacey and Riley:

Lacey and Riley: Guard Dogs. Making sure no one steals my car, The Wookie?



Doooooooooooooooooooogggggggggggggg bbbbeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaccccccccchhhhhhhh PLEASE!

Lacey: burrito or ottoman? She seems cool with either.

Riley is a guard dog. All 20lbs of her will bark you straight into next week. I believe it!

Proper popper.

"Guess what I just did? I peed all over your bed... But in the cutest way possible!"

Less than amused.

Pups at the park.

Sunday on la grande jatte.

Taking a break from marking her territory... on everything.

Oh heeeeeey girl!

Territory marked on the ice cream wrapper, Check! Lacey saves the day yet again!

I see it as a reflexion pond in the back yard. Riley sees it as a giant water bowl outside. Tomayto/tomahto.

This is also Riley's ball depository. She hasn't quite grasped the fact that she has to drop the ball first and THEN go for the drink. She just reaches her head over the edge and opens wide. At least she's hydrated?

Denali – The Great Dane Puppy:

Denali the great Dane pup. Not even a year old.

It's exhausting being the size of a horse!

D-money chasing cars in Lala Land.

Welcome to my home. Please. Have a seat.


"Do you even know the street value of this mountain?? It's pure snow!"

This feral pup just bit through my ski glove and tried to eat my duck boot. Um... please leave the duck boots out of this dog.

Daisy Girl:

Daisy Girl - 2 months old!

No booboo! The camera is not a cookie.

She's bossy!

So this what it feels like to compete with a stick.

Interesting way to chow on that stick Pup Star.

Choppa – The World’s Friendliest Dog.  We had to say goodbye to him this spring and it was heartbreaking.

Keep wagging that tail where ever you go Choppa.

Choppa's mom just shared this photo she found from this past December. I miss that sweet face.

Addy and Nico:

One of my roommates for the month of May 2010: Adelaide


She finally caved! Ciao chow!

Eating on the sly. Busted.

Day 4 of Food Time. This interpretation is called, "Nobody Better Lay A Finger on My Butterfinger?"

Adelaide's body guard Nico. Me-owww.

"... Did I stutter?"

So Nico thinks if she can't see you then you can't see her. I'm going to try this method next time I ride the train.

Couch potato.

Why do I feel like somebody's...

Thing One and Thing Two. 5AM roll call. All accounted for and ready for marching orders.

So kitty has been drinking my water while I sleep. There was a paw print on my phone when I woke up. Busted!


Lucy is the other sheriff in town for the next 10 days.

The Sheriff Lucy is exhausted. She's all legs, that one.

Lady Lucy. She's fancy.

Busy Izzy:


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  1. very, very cute visit to puppyland.


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