An Evanston-Central Street Food Progressive. Eat and Drink Your Way Westward!

I’m no foodie and my palate is totally underdeveloped.  Truly.  I had a roommate once tell me if I were left in the wild  to feed myself, the survival rate would be little to none at all.  Good thing Central Street, in Evanston where my office is, has slowly built up a plethora of eateries for every dietary desire.  And besides, what’s a blog without a little local business promotion, right?  So let’s start east and move westward like the way of my early American ancestors.

Prairie Joe’s, where dessert comes first with a handmade milkshake.  Don’t forget to check out the art while you’re chowing on your classic grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Not much has changed since 1993 when we would spend lunch, feeling very adult, on our half days from school.

Royin is a trip.  The first time my sister and I went was during the holidays.  They were playing Christmas songs from the the Chipmunks Album.  We were hesitant about the over-the-top retro vibe, but we embraced the kitsch once our food arrived.  Try the Venus rolls.  They’re not on the menu so you’ll feel like an real insider upon request!

Bluestone.  This North Evanston staple is great for grabbing a quick burger or salad and glass of wine.  It’s cozy in the winter when the fireplace is roaring.  It’s great for meeting old friends or for business brainstorming.  (I’ve done both!)

Bluestone is a casual North Evanston eatery that's great for meeting friends or a business lunch meeting.

The Spice House is not a restaurant but it is a wonderful place to find unique and hard to find cooking essentials.  My personal favorite is the Vulcan’s Fire Salt.  It adds a spicy kick in the pants to just about anything.  Ask the people who love my guacamole!  True story.

The smells when you walk in either take you to another country or back in "tyme." (Did you see what I did there??)

Before heading to the western pocket of Central Street eateries, stop at Foodstuff’s a dollop or tub of Courtney’s Tuna.  After many failed attempts to replicate this delicious recipe, I’ve conceded to paying full price for this addicting tuna salad.  One day I hope to figure out the secret ingredient, but for the time being I’ll fully enjoy this guessing game!

That's C-O-U-R-T-N-E-Y'S Tuna. Even if you stutter they'll know what you're talking about. It's that popular!

Roses are red, violets are blue because everything’s rosy at Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery.   Where do I begin… I try to lead a primarily gluten-free lifestyle.  So I found it incredibly serendipitous that Rose’s opened it’s doors mere months after my dietary shift.  The sliced bread, the pizza, the gluten/dairy free brownies are mouth watering.  It’s like I never ever eliminated wheat gluten from my diet.  And then there’s the specialty blueberry tea.  Sometimes I leave the empty cup in my car for days because smell is so wonderfully potent!  I could go on but this blog is about quick blips.

Delectable gluten-free French rolls. Eat them plain or pair them with anything really. I dare you to only eat one at a time!

Looking for a beer garden in North Evanston?  Let Old Neighborhood Grill fill that need.  The outdoor patio is out back and under utilized so there is always a seat!  They also have gluten-free options which puts the Italian beef sandwich, with extra hot peppers, at the top of my list!

Friendly service and gluten-free options, what's not to love?

Bonsai Cafe is the newest restaurant to hit the “strip.”  My favorite thing on the menu is not a food (which is delish) but the homemade gingerale.  You can have it flavored with different fruits and the real ginger makes all the difference!  I also love that it’s BYOB, because let’s be honest folks, I sell real estate for a living and any way to cut corners these days is very very welcomed.

Get there early if you go on the weekends because there's usually a line out the door... even when it's chilly!

Wash down all that food with the best coffee and tea selection on the North Shore.  Casteel Coffee have an incredible selection of beans and tea leaves from around the globe.

I hope this was an insightful food tour of Central Street!  With edible options abound, easy street parking and a Metra stop there’s no excuse to miss the opportunity to help support our local businesses.  Hope to see you around the neighborhood!


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  1. There is such a thing as HOMEMADE GINGERALE?!


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