Pecan Pie From Scratch – Oh Me Oh My!

The pecan pie obsession began in Asheville, NC.  Way back to two weeks ago. I blame the mountains, the wine, and Dave and Jessie for ordering this epic slice of heaven.

Jessie and Dave and the pecan pie that started it all. The quest for mouth watering perfection!

Determined to recreate this savory pie, I enlisted the help of Krista.  She is my go-to for many things but in this case we turn to her for her baking expertise.  Becky was there to supervise and refresh cocktails.  Tremendously important whilst baking anything from scratch!

Krista, Beckerton, and Sous Chef Sanders.

Step 1 – The Crust: Sift the flour and salt together.  The most important thing I learned from Krista is that the ingredients need to be COLD.  Cold is GOOD.  Cold butter and cold ice water for the crust.  The colder the FLAKIER.  And flaky is GOOD.  In conclusion, COLD and FLAKY is GOOD.  Follow?  Good.  Great.  Grand.  Moving along.

Prepping to sift.

After we make the dough it goes into the fridge for about a half an hour.  Because?  COLD is GOOD.

So is Prosecco for that matter.

Let me introduce one of the key players in this process and also the newest addition to my wish list.

She's glorious and knows it.

Another important character in all of this:

Butter. Butter. And more butter. Real butter.

I learned a new technique to cracking eggs.  Tap the egg on the counter on a soft surface like a napkin.  It helps the egg split open evenly.   Cool trick of the trade, no?  We only had one counter casualty, because someone (not naming names but she may or may not be typing at this exact moment) wasn’t paying attention.  Please try to contain your shock.

Eggs at room temperature.

Other important ingredients include pecans.  Yaddah yaddah.

Chopped pecan halves.

And this stuff:

How's my meniscus?

Time to roll the dough.  You roll from the middle out.

Move the roller, not the dough. That's important.

Another trick from Master Krista is to put the dough between two pieces of clear wrap when rolling.  It makes it much much easier to put the dough in the dish rather than trying to scrape it off the counter.

Trying it out for size. It fits! Getting closer!!

Before you pour in the batter/pecan mixture, poke holes in the crust.  I don’t remember why but it tasted so good, I’ll add it to the future pie making routine.

When we were in high school we used to "fork" people's lawns. Wait. Off track.

Pour in the mixture and start to decorate with pecans.

Before heading to the sauna:

And then we wait… and wait… for about an hour.  Let’s retire to the porch.

How about some ukulele while we wait?

Fun with the camera phone.

“DING” goes the timer.  The smell wafting through the window… well, might I suggest wearing a bib in the event that you drool uncontrollably.


It smelled phenomenal.

Inhale. Smells done to me!

Now we have to wait for 2 HOURS while it cools.

So we danced.

And danced.

Until we couldn’t take it any more.  We last about 45 minutes.

The finished product!

It was the perfect end-of-summer night.

… And then we shipped it off to Bora Bora with Peligo.

"Live Animal - Danger."


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