Krembo – Israeli-Really-Good!

As my friends Whitney and Jessi said, “L’Shana Tova u M’tooka!”  Which translates to “To a happy new year that’s sweet.”  Although I am not technically a Choosen One, I choose to take this blessing literally and imbibe in the delight of Israeli Krembo marshmallow cookies.  The fluff is actually much lighter and airier than regular marshmallows because it’s made with whipped egg whites rather than gelatin.

After a bit of research, I’ve come to learn these types of chocolate covered marshmallow treats are popular the world over.  From Europe to the Philippines.  In the US we know them as Mallomars.  The Danes call their version a Flødebolle.  If you can say that three times fast, teach me.  I have no idea how to pronounce that.  But then again you don’t have to enunciate to eat it, right?


THEN I learned in Scotland they are called Tunnock Teacakes and they are a national icon!  I know I can’t be Israeli, but I’ve got the Scottish thing in the bag!

Finally, the Canadian variation of this delectable confection, and frankly the piece de resistance of this blog, is the name:  The Whippet.

On that note, may it be a Krembo/Flødebolle/Tea Cake/Whippet sweet year to come!

Happy 5771!


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  1. Great find! Do you deliver? 🙂


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