Friday! Pie Day! – The Marriage of Cherry Pie and Lattice Crust

Today’s Epicurean Adventure: Cherry pie with a lattice crust.

Upon learning of my newest pie-ventures, my friend Lizzie B asked me to bake an old fashioned cherry pie. New to this whole pie arena, I’m not going to turn down a challenge. To up the ante, I’m going to attempt a traditional lattice crust. Hold on to your britches party people! I just spent the better part of this morning watching “how to” videos about how to create the perfect woven topper.

(And yes, there is an actual website called “Howdini.”)

The next step is to go to the store and as cool as you can ask where you can find the cherries… in September. Guess what I learned? Cherries are a summer fruit. The California cherries come in some time in May, IF we’re lucky. But the Washington cherries arrive in June and those are apparently the choicest? However, if you’re “a person who absolutely MUST have cherries off season, they receive a shipment in December from Chile.”

(And here I grew up thinking maraschino cherries were REAL cherries. What?! When you are raised around mostly adults you learn how to order a proper Shirley Temple. Straight up, easy on the ice and heavy on the cherries.  The “real” kind.)

All that admitted, sadly I had to opt for the canned tart cherries. The up side is I do not have to spend time pitting said cherries. Tally ho!

While the dough is chilling in the fridge, it’s time to make the filling. This particular pie requires stove top preparation.  New territory.

First you drain the cherries and use the juice in the filling:

Then you cook and stir the juice, sugar, flour and almond extract until it’s thick.

That looks narsty, but anything with sugar and butter can never be bad. This is a proven fact.

Then you stir in the cherries. And let it simmer. God, I want a drink. A kiddie cocktail. Sorry knee jerk reaction. What?!

While all that is simmering in the pot, turn your attention to the dough in the fridge.  Roll out the bottom, put it in the dish and set it aside.  Take the other half, rolled out and cut it into 8-10 strips.

Fill the dish with the cooked cherry mixture.  Then take every other strip and place it along one side.  Or just watch the video above and wing it like I did.  Cheers.

Wing it, wing it, wing it, curse, swear, wing it and VOILA!

Before this guy heads off to the sauna!

The first 10 minutes you cook it at 450 degrees and then turn it down to 350 degrees for the remaining 30 minutes.

Leave the kitchen carnage clean up for later.

Then you wait…

On the porch in the sun.

Or find an activity:

Like stealing the crossword and hacking away at it in all your misspelling glory.

Then again you could always catch up on the previous Project Runway.

Unless you happen upon a TV show about aliens in the suburbs...

And then… the timer goes off.

Still simmering. Mmmmm....

Have you ever wondered what the Garden of Eden smells like?  Dude, come on over.   I feel like I’m floating through the air, by my nose on a cloud of cherry pie pastry perfection.

It smells like I'm in the Night Kitchen.

Until next weeks Pie-venture!

(Today’s pie was sponsored by Sam Cooke and the Big Chill soundtrack.)

Brief follow up:

This is Lizzie B. and her custom pie. In't she pretty? We've known each other since we were 2. I think that qualifies us for bragging rights, n'est pas? Oh and the pie was a royal success!


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