Transitional Calvin Tran

Many many moons ago when I actually worked a job with salary and health benefits I discovered a small boutique on Halsted near Armitage called “Sac’ now “Calvin Tran.”

Calvin Tran Boutique located at 2154 N. Halsted Street

I invested in a few very well-tailored pieces that have since paid for themselves over the past 7 years.  Calvin Tran has the most clever design execution I’ve encountered to date.   One skirt in particular will forever have a designated hanger in my closet.  I’ve rarely worn it the same way twice and neither have my friends who have borrowed it.  It transitions from season to season and from skirts to top to dress to cape.  The list could ramble on and on and on and…  One article of clothing is really a variety of outfits.  It’s brilliant.  Truly.

So envision my excitement when I learned Mr Tran was to be a featured designer on the Bravo (my go to network) show The Fashion Show – Ultimate Collection.

His personality is as versatile as his designs which is very entertaining to watch.  And while he may not be a fan favorite, he will always have my vote.


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  1. This is very clever and funny. I was wondering what pandora station you recommend and then you brought us back to that piece in the end. Loved the commentary and photos!


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